2018-19 England Squad White Jacket

Before the 2018 FIFA World Cup, manufacturer Nike has unveiled a predominately white 2018-19 England squad white jacket for the England national football team. As a football country features long football playing history, every die-hard football fan could display their support and love to the national football team through wearing the brand-new full-zipped jacket.

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Blue Nike Swoosh

Classic blue England team crest

Blue and grey accents

Full-zipped side pockets

Full-length zip

Plunge neckline

100% polyester

Invisible thumb loops

Soft liner

Numerous irregular light grey stripes are printed on two full sleeves from the collar to cuffs, adding modern touch to the solid white England squad jacket. Following the traditional color scheme of England national football team, the blue Nike Swoosh and classic blue England team’s crest are embroidered onto right chest and left chest respectively.

Aiming at improving comfort of the new white jacket, the special fabric woven the shirt is manufactured by moisture wicking technology, keeping people fresh and cool when they run on football pitches. In addition, the full-length zip allows one can adjust body temperature according to specific weather condition.

It is possible to keep all items in your pockets safe and sound. The full-zipped side pockets could store your everyday items like keys, wallets, telephones and the like. Footballers or football lovers can be assured in training or daily chores. All private items in your pockets will not loss as long as you close the zip on your pockets.

The invisible thumb loops allow you playing football on pitches dedicatedly without outside interferences. The design will keep you palm warm and safe when playing football. You can shopping around and browse various football shirts and accessories in our selection. Almost everyone could get their favorite football shirts to show their support and love to the favorite football teams.

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New 2018-19 Portugal Squad Jacket Red

In recent days, Pele expressed his views on selected football players. He believed that Neymar features more resemblances to Lionel Messi than Cristiano Ronaldo. After Ronaldo and Messi, he won the third place in voting for the Ballon d’Or. For this reason, he is often compared to both football players ahead of him in ranking. Especially in Brazil, Neymar follows the pace of Pele to break goalscoring record.

Pele voiced that the playing style of Neymar more resembles to that of Lionel Messi. He had told his friends several times, Ronaldo is an excellent footballer while there are many similar characteristics when compared with Vava and Coutinho.

In spite of his ruling out of football games for the sake of serious foot injury, many football fans hope he could recover ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Supporting cast for their first World Cup may feature many critical footballers, Pele hope the team could win support from coach Tite.

Ahead of the forthcoming World Cup, Nike has unveiled the latest red 2018/19 Portugal squad jacket, showing passion and respect to Portugal national football team. Inspirations of the red Portuguese jacket derive from their team crest, three colors of the team crest have been included in the design of the red 2018-19 Portugal squad jacket. Before detail introduction of the latest jacket, some main characteristics of the Portugal jacket are as follows:

Gold Nike Swoosh logo

Gradient black

Zipped pockets

Plunge neckline

100% polyester

Invisible thumb loops

Comfortable inner lining

Classic gold Nike Swoosh is embroidered on right hand side while Portugal crest is woven on the left chest across the left chest. Besides, irregular black stripes along two sleeves extend from collar to cuffs. Engineered by Dri-Fit technology for the purpose of adjusting temperatures of your body when confronting various environment, the special fabric is helpful to keeping you cool and dry. The red Portugal jacket is also stitched with soft liner to combat against lower temperature. You can also adjust the zip to allow more air into your clothes.

Two side full-zip pockets allow you keeping your items safely. These two pockets could accommodate some items of your everyday life, such as wallets, mobile phones and keys.

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